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Here is our photo gallery page. We will have different snowmobile related photos posted here. Please send us your photos to be posted here.
NOTE: not all photos submitted may be posted. Photos posted will be at our discretion.
Some things about liability insurance and snowmobiling are:
  • High claims with alcohol involved.
  • High claims with speed involved.
  • Snowmobiling is rated high due to claims history.

    We snowmobilers can do something about this:
  • Slow down.
  • Don't drink and ride.
  • Be responsible for your own actions.

    If we don't improve our image, our actions and our record, we will not afford insurance and we will no longer have a trail system to ride. Some snowmobilers change when they put on a helmet, they feel they are entered in a race. Remember when you put on your helmet it is for safety and not for racing. So remember to slow down and save yourself an insurance increase in the future.
    Together we can make snowmobiling a safe, fun affordable sport. So follow the rules and watch out for others.
    Don't see some important snowmobile facts listed at Snow.CanadianMusclecar? Send us the information and we will be happy to place it here. The information may also be posted at our SNOWTALK section.


    Our gallery of photos submitted to us by various snowmobilers. We will try to not post any photos believed to be in bad taste. We will post photos of a humorous nature.

    Orolo 2010 Rally

    Orolo 2010 Rally

    Orolo 2010 Rally

    Orolo 2010 Rally

    Orolo 2010 Rally

    Orolo 2010 Rally

    Feb 7-2009 ride

    Feb 7-2009 night

    Feb 7-2009

    need help

    hi flier

    I can fly!

    cool ride


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