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Here is a listing of Snowmobile Clubs within Saskatchewan. Clubs that have websites are underlined.
The list is quite long, so be prepared for some reading.
Just image if every club listed had snowmobile rallies every winter - WOW!, would we all be getting some quality riding in on our sleds.

It was the late 1950s, with the development of smaller gasoline engines, before the one- or two-passenger lightweight chassis snowmobile was marketed - and with it, a new recreational sport was born. Ten years later, there were dozens of manufacturers producing snowmobiles that sold for a few hundred dollars each. Today, four manufacturers will produce over 200,000 snowmobiles to be sold annually in the United states, Canada and Europe. With more than 4 million riders, snowmobiling is a major winter recreational activity and a significant factor in increased winter tourism in much of Canada and the snowbelt of the United States. The history of the "snow machine" is yet to be completed. Today's snowmobile bears little resemblance to earlier models. By today's standards, many of the machines of the 60's and 70's are considered antiques.
It is reported that, in 2010, this dedicated group of Saskatchewan women raised $202,892.46 for breast cancer research. They have been recognized with numerous awards, including: Outstanding Promotion and Development of Snowmobiling by the SSA and a national special recognition award from the Canadian Cancer Society. Mission 2011 for breast cancer research was on January 28 - February 4, 2011.
Don't see your snowmobile club and /or website listed here? Send us the correct information and we will be happy to place it here.

as of January 3/2012
Please send us any updated info on snowmobile club listings

CLUB NAME (website link) LOCATION CLUB # Facebook Page
Archerwill Drift Riders Inc. Archerwill, SK. #201
Badlands Trail Bandits Coronach, SK. . .
Balgonie Ditch Bangers Balgonie, SK. . .
Battlefords Trailbreakers North Battleford, SK. #101 .
Birch Hills Sno-Posse Birch Hills, SK. .
Bjorkdale Stubble Jumpers Inc. Bjorkdale, SK. . .
Blaine Lake Snowdrifterz Inc. Blaine Lake, SK. #118 .
Bonnington Springs Snowmobile Club Kenaston, SK. . .
Border Explorers Snowmobile Club Flin Flon, MB. #203 .
Borderland Trail Blazers Gladmar, SK. . .
Broadview Snow Busters Snowmobile Club Broadview, SK. #301 .
Bruno Sno Dusters Bruno, SK. . .
Burnin Track Outlaws Snowmobile Club Inc. Whitefox, SK #237 .
Calling Lakes Cruisers Fort Qu'Appelle, SK. #302 .
Candle Lake Sno-Drifters Inc. Candle Lake, SK. #205 .
Canwood Sno-Blazers January 30, 2011 #103 .
Chitek Lake Bush Buddies Inc. Chitek Lake, SK. #104 .
Choiceland Snowmobile & ATV Club Choiceland, SK. . .
Churchbridge Snowmobile Club Churchbridge, SK. . .
Crossroad Sno-Diggers Whitewood, SK. #335 .
Cupar Snowmobile Club Cupar, SK. #303 .
Cypress Snowmobile Club Maple Creek, SK. #401 .
Debden Sno-Travellers Debden, SK. . .
Duck Mountain Grooming & Snowmobile Club Kamsack, SK. . .
Elbow Lake Sno Drifters Yorkton, SK. #343 .
Esker Bear Trails Inc. Smeaton, SK. #208 .
Esterhazy Super Sledders Esterhazy, SK. #304 .
Estevan Snowmobile Club Estevan, SK. #333 .
Forest Fringe Snowmobile Trail Association Carrot River, SK. #235 .
Fulda Snowsliders Fulda, SK. . .
Goodsoil Ridge Riders Goodsoil, SK. #125 .
Grenfell Snowdrifters Grenfell, SK. #313 .
Hanley Trail Riders Club Hanley, SK. . .
Hawarden Winter Warriors Hawarden, SK. . .
HiPoint Drifters Inc. McLean, SK. . .
Hudson Bay Trail Riders Inc. Hudson Bay, SK. #210 .
Kamsack Snow Drifters Kamsack, SK. #308 .
Kelvington Trailblazers Kelvington, SK. #211 .
Lakeland Snowmobile Club "Tree Dodgers" Christopher Lake, SK. #212 .
La Ronge Snowmobile Club La Ronge, SK. #234 .
Last Mountain Lake Drifters Regina Beach, SK. #309 .
Leoville Snow Drifters Inc. Leoville, SK. #107 .
Liebenthal Snowmobile Club Fox Valley, SK. #406 .
Lintlaw Bush Bandits Lintlaw, SK. . .
Lower Fishing Lake Cottage Owners Assn. Ltd. Gronlid, SK. #216 .
Mahiegan Howlers Snowmobile Club Debden, SK. . .
Melfort & District Trail Riders Inc. Melfort, SK. #217 .
Mistatim Snow Packers Inc. Mistatim, SK. #218 .
Moose Jaw Sno-Drifters Snowmobile Club Inc. Moose Jaw, SK. #310 .
Moose Mountain Snowmobile Club Carlyle, SK. #311 .
Naicam Snowblasters Inc. Naicam, SK. #219 .
Northern Lights Snowmobile Association Meadow Lake, SK. #109
Parkland Snow Trackers Shellbrook, SK. . .
Pasquia Snow Goers Club Inc. Arborfield, SK. #220 .
Pelly Sno Prowlers Inc. Pelly, SK. . .
Pense Sled Runners Inc. Pense, SK. . .
Perdue Rednecks Snowmobile Club Perdue, SK. . .
Pilot Butte Ditch Dusters Inc. Pilot Butte, SK. #338 .
Pine Grove 1-11 Snowmobile Club Wakaw, SK. . .
Porcupine Trail Blasters Inc. Porcupine Plain, SK. #221 .
Prairie & Pine Sno Riders Inc. Norquay, SK. #316 .
Prairie Prowlers Inc. Regina, SK #317
Prairie Women on Snowmobiles Inc. Prince Albert, SK #344 .
Prince Albert Snow Runners Prince Albert, SK. #222 .
Quill Lake Trail Twisters Quill Lake, SK. #236 .
Ramsey Bay Snowmobile Club Weyakwin, SK #207 .
Regina Prairie Prowlers Regina, SK. . .
Rhein Sno Cruzers Rhein, SK. #318 .
Rough Rider Snowmobile Club Preeceville, SK. #223 .
Rouleau Snow Junkies Rouleau, SK #314 .
Sandhills Snowmobile Association Fox Valley, SK. . .
Sask Valley Snowmobile & ATV Club Laird, SK. #117 .
Saskatoon Snowmobile Club Saskatoon, SK. #112 .
Showstoppers Snowmobile Club Inc. Melville, SK. #320 .
Souris River Snowmobile Club Weyburn, SK. #322 .
South East Sask. Stubble Jumpers Alida, SK. #332 .
South West Sled Dawgs Snowmobile Club Mossbank, SK #402 .
Spiritwood Snowball Riders Spiritwood, SK. . .
Springside Snowmobile Club Springside, SK. #329 .
Star City Nite Riders Star City, SK. #233 .
Sun Valley Lake Riders Club Moose Jaw, SK. . .
Thickwood Trails Snowmobile Club Saskatoon, SK. #114 .
Thunder Creek Trail Blazers Rouleau, SK. . .
Tisdale Snowmobile Club Tisdale, SK. #225 .
Timber Trails Sno Riders Big River, SK. #115 .
Tisdale Snowmobile Club Inc. Tisdale, SK. . .
Trakkers Snow Club Canora, SK. #324 .
Tri-Valley Trails Inc. Moosomin, SK. #312 .
Turtle Lake Sno Monsters Livelong, SK. . .
Twin Lakes Trail Blazers Inc. Nipawin, SK. #226 .
Viscount Ridge Runners Plunkett, SK. . .
Waterhen River Runners Trail Club Inc. Dorintosh, SK. #116 .
Weekes Bush Pushers Club Inc. Weekes, SK. . .
White Knucklers Snowmobile Club Kindersley, SK #405 .
Whiteswan Snow Hawks Meath Park, SK #232 .
Woodriver Recreation Club Lafleche, SK #407 .
Wolverine Creek Snowmobile Club Inc. Annaheim, SK. . .
Yorkton Sno-Riders Club Inc. Yorkton, SK. #327 .

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