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This is our detailed map of Area 9. You will also find a smaller version of our main area map below. By clicking on the different areas, you will be taken to another page on our site with a detailed view of the area.

Remember to register your snowmobile with register your snowmobile, if you plan on using the trails.
The first attempts at building a vehicle that would move over snow on runners happened 75 years ago. Many dreamed of building a power driven sled, especially where heavy snowfalls often meant the difference between life and death when attempting to transport an sick or injured person to get medical attention.
In 1935, a snowmobile was built with skis in front and sprocket wheel and tracked system in back. It carried up to 12 people. First in line to purchase one, were: family doctors, veterinarians, ambulance and taxi drivers. A modified version found a market in the logging industry.



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